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  1. Oliver Shagnasty

    Agree or Disagree

    Post a thought then the next bastard will agree or disagree while posting another thought
  2. Oliver Shagnasty

    Four word tale of......

    Let's make a tale posting only for words each post and try to keep a story going.
  3. Oliver Shagnasty

    Whats the most bizarre sexual thing someone has asked you to do?

    The most bizarre or disgusting thing someone has requested of you and did you do it? One time a girl asked me to pee on her. Yes I did it reluctantly but didn't like it. Another time a girl wanted to make little cuts on my chest and lick the blood. FUCK NO I did not do it! And got the hell away...
  4. Oliver Shagnasty

    Give life advice to the bastard above you

    Just what the title says. Whether serious or you just want to be a dick.
  5. Oliver Shagnasty

    Dark web

    I've never been to the dark/deep web and idk how to even go about it. Have any of you ever been there? If so tell about your experience. I'm curious as to what's the purpose of the dark/deep web and how to log on there.
  6. Oliver Shagnasty

    What would you do if.....

    In this thread a poster will ask a "what would you do if" scenario and the next poster will answer and ask another.
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