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  1. shin

    Signs a guy is creepy

    I'm hoping the ladies here will comment more, but what have you seen guys do that makes them officially creepy?
  2. shin

    Dystopian web

    If it came down to a point in time where the government forced us to identify ourselves against our will while we're connected to the web to all online users, would you still bother with any of the websites you used when it was more likely for our actions to go virtually unseen? What else might...
  3. shin

    Caveat emptor

    Here's a hypothetical situation... Say you purchase a food product from the supermarket and you later decide you don't like it. Would you... A. Eat it reluctantly and assume never to buy it again? or B. Take it back to the store and ask for a refund?
  4. shin

    Oh, give me a home...

    So, I was thinking about some of the apartment buildings I've lived in, and came to an assumption that I probably wouldn't have chosen to live in something like a convalescent center or a Winnebago based on a few circumstances pertaining to mobility and security. What it all boils down to, is...
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