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  1. Fred Jones

    1,000,000 Post Thread

    It seems the CDC and other multiple public agencies in the Seattle area of implemented a race segregated racial justice program.
  2. Fred Jones

    1,000,000 Post Thread

    I’m learning about “woke” reeducation camps coming if Biden wins.
  3. Fred Jones

    Great Commercials

  4. Fred Jones

    1,000,000 Post Thread

    Banned “African Penis Ritual” Unlocks Your Penis’ TRUE Size Based on a 3,000-years old “African Penis Growth Cocktail”, which can make any penis increase by 35%! Two years ago I was THE ONLY WHITE GUY in the middle of the biggest tribal sex orgy ever… With hot black women screaming with pleasure...
  5. Fred Jones

    I’m new here

    Spanish is a defunct language. No new words in over a decade. Best that everyone learns english fast.
  6. Fred Jones

    Aretha Franklin DEAD

    Sightings all over the place of Aretha. Good chance she's still alive. Mystery Gang is on it. Stay tuned.
  7. Fred Jones

    who the hell are you?

    who the hell are you?
  8. Fred Jones

    Happy Birthday PC ~~~~~~:Excited1:

    Happy Birthday PC ~~~~~~:Excited1:
  9. Fred Jones

    Attention Lurkers

  10. Fred Jones

    Hilary Clinton is a child eating animal.

    A client of mine was telling me yesterday that Charlie Ward watched a deep state video of Hilary Clinton skinning a child alive and eating it's flesh. Charlie said he saw her face clear as day and could only watch a few minutes of it. This is all 'deep state' stuff that goes back to the child...
  11. Fred Jones

    I’m new here

    hello Erica You look like Lady gogo
  12. Fred Jones

    What R U doing...... RIGHT NOW!!?

    Watching this juicy debate
  13. Fred Jones

    Make an absurd accusation about the poster above you.

    Whipper Is a fucking illegal alien wanting my health insurance
  14. Fred Jones

    Vietnam Confiscates Over 300,000 Recycled Condoms for Sale

    The police in Vietnam have seized more than 300,000 used condoms that had been boiled, dried and put up for sale in a southern province, shutting down a business that posed a health hazard to consumers. Officers who raided a warehouse in the province of Binh Duong on Saturday found the...
  15. Fred Jones

    Ask The Next Poster A Question ?

    Are all Hooters managers chauvinistic?
  16. Fred Jones

    Howza! Fresh blood/meat!

    Welcome Ever been to Portland Oregon?
  17. Fred Jones

    What's your Greatest Regret in Life so Far?

    Walking out of a marriage mainly because she snored. She ran up the credit cards too but a man’s got to sleep at night
  18. Fred Jones

    What's the last thing you purchased?

    A Metal crucifix from a garage sale
  19. Fred Jones

    Ask The Next Poster A Question ?

    Cats Who are you voting for in November?