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  1. Sid Swagger

    1,000,000 Post Thread

    Forgot where I put my ginkgo biloba Just Found it with the condiments in the fridge
  2. Sid Swagger

    What R U doing...... RIGHT NOW!!?

    My wife now says I can watch the second half of the game. Dinner with the in-laws and a board game.
  3. Sid Swagger

    What games are you currently playing and on what platform?

    Going to go buy a new game today. Probably Just Cause 4
  4. Sid Swagger

    19th Century Illustrations for the Surgical Removal of Unwanted Parts of the Human Body

    God they were evil learning these things. Interesting stuff
  5. Sid Swagger

    What Movie/Tv Show did you Watch today?

    Han Solo movie. 7 episodes of Ridiculousness
  6. Sid Swagger


    Why do they bother saying hi if they never post again? nerds
  7. Sid Swagger

    Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I would never put my picture up here. My wife watches this place from her job. but I have 3 kids all this age and they are spoiled rotten by her
  8. Sid Swagger

    Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I work for Cigna health insurance company branch in Georgia with well over 300 clients. I make a decent living and am generally treated well by most of the folks in my community. I see a pretty good cross section of the population represented in my clientele, everyone from doctors, college...
  9. Sid Swagger

    Adopt -A- n00b

    How does this work?
  10. Sid Swagger

    Have you ever paid for sex?!

    When I was about 9 or 10 some of my classmates came up with a plan where if we each put some money in and came up with $5 one of the fairly hot girls in the class would lift her shirt and show us her tits. Of course we all pitched in immediately! When the shirt came up we realized our fatal...
  11. Sid Swagger

    Made in China

    This is all Mental War, Just like the US plays on everyone else. Like the US it is A OK to use a Stuxnet Virus via the Internet but GOD Forbid if you do it on the USA it is an ACT OF WAR!!! It is A OK for the US to Hack the Firewalls of CHINA so that they can Spread Pro-American Propaganda, But...
  12. Sid Swagger

    Celebrity Morgue

    Tommy Boyyyyyy
  13. Sid Swagger

    Show us your Tits ( • Y • )

    Move this to vip lounge and ill post my cheating bitch of a wife so she'll never see.
  14. Sid Swagger

    Skinhead Girls Renees Punk Chicks

    Renee seems raunchy!
  15. Sid Swagger

    Bizarre Asian Sex Acts

  16. Sid Swagger

    What's Wrong with you People?!

    Where do I begin.
  17. Sid Swagger

    5 Problems With Social Media

    todays news STUDY: Social media increases depression, loneliness -this fits a lot of you people
  18. Sid Swagger

    What are you wearing?

  19. Sid Swagger

    Random Facts About You

    This is it! You are hardly here, so maybe put an avatar up and start posting more!! Probably the best forum I've come across, they are a dying breed, GL.
  20. Sid Swagger

    Nazi-Marked Plane Crashes Onto California Freeway

    Nazi-Marked Plane Crashes Onto California Freeway
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