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  1. Scott

    What R U Listening 2!? ♫ ♪

  2. Scott

    What childish things do you still do as an adult...

    I still like blowing shit up on the 4th, i.e. putting a blockbuster under a three pound bag of flour in the middle of an intersection that that sends a twenty foot fireball mushroom cloud that rises into the air. Like cheap Hollywood pyrotechnics. PS. If you try it, don't use the five pound or...
  3. Scott

    I read your post about it. You can't play dead with blacks like a Grizzly. They tell you to...

    I read your post about it. You can't play dead with blacks like a Grizzly. They tell you to fight for you life, aka, "go nuclear", because you can't bluff 'em and they'll maul you alive once they start. I take a 10mm in moose country, G26 otherwise.
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  5. Scott

    Who can get in the LAST word!?

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  7. Scott

    Woman Poses as Deputy and breaks Boyfriend from Jail

    Not if her boyfriend returns the favor.
  8. Scott

    check in

    Another one of those? Yipee.
  9. Scott

    First World Problems.

    True but that's not the point.
  10. Scott

    What R U Listening 2!? ♫ ♪

    The drop at 6:20 is classic Sabbath.
  11. Scott

    check in

    Three bastards are here, but just me visible and posting.
  12. Scott

    What R U Listening 2!? ♫ ♪

  13. Scott

    I'm your new doc.

    You have a vagina?
  14. Scott

    Mind your beezwax, Jeannie!

    Mind your beezwax, Jeannie!
  15. Scott

    Random Thoughts Thread

    You getting philosophical.
  16. Scott

    Random Thoughts Thread

    You're a sick fuck lol.
  17. Scott

    Completely Random Images

    Artillary shells, Battle of the Somme, WWI.
  18. Scott

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I've been to Alberta; Calgary, Banff, etc. Those pines go up like gasoline. How did you fare in the aftermath?
  19. Scott

    I'm Super Angry about the Alabama Abortion Ban

    I don't know, I personally think it's morally wrong. It feels that way, the way the fetuses struggle for life in the latex gloved palms of people when they remove it sometimes if it's it's not complete, fighting for life. It hurts to see it and screams, "wrong!". But to tell some chick she's...
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