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    What's the longest you've gone without Showering?

    What's the longest you've gone without Showering and why? Us poor people try to avoiding using water. So what I do is some old tricks. Fill up the sink with soap and water and just wash yourself off like that. Put dryer sheets in your pockets. Spray air freshener in your shoes. All kinds of...
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    Greatest Drummers... EVER?!

    John Bonham
  3. Dumpster Fire

    Neil Diamond Dead @ 91

    Poor fella.
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    welcome to BF Abby

    welcome to BF Abby
  5. Dumpster Fire

    Bands/Artists you're going to be seeing in the upcoming months.

    Billy Joel. Def Leppard.
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    Attention Lurkers

    What she said! Lets talk twisted politics
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    Gun Control in America

    I'm all for taking the guns away! I even signed a petition last week This way they can focus on who HAS them and the noose over the years will tighten.
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    Hate Parade

    A busy grocery store with one check out line open.
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    check in

    I'm here. Unemployed again
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    Woman Poses as Deputy and breaks Boyfriend from Jail

    Fayetteville Woman Sentenced For Posing As Deputy, Springing Boyfriend From Jail I smell a network movie of the week
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    Iron Man and Black Widow Die in Avengers End Game

    Iron Man Dies Black Widow Dies Bad news Iron Man fans, your fave is dead. That’s right, Tony Stark dies at the end of Avengers: Endgame after stealing the Infinity Stones back from Thanos and using them to wipe out the Mad Titan and his entire army with a single Snap. The gamma radiation...
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    1,000,000 Post Thread

    IronMan Dies
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    Ever been Fired from a Job?

    Day Two. I was fired because "We can clearly see you aren't getting it." This was at a deli. They never actually showed me anything and left me on my own to serve customers during a lunch rush. Nothing was labelled to tell me what it was and their selection was HUGE. The customers were actually...
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    Hilarious, never seen this thread b4 One of the best in the Music Forum
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    How many people have you fucked with in one night?

    There was one girl in high school that was known as "Race Horse"! She loved to be on top. After you got your pleasure, she would stand up and pleasure herself and them urinate all over your genitals! :eek: (Maybe she was just a squirter? Dunno.) I think I heard a friend of mine married her...
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    1,000,000 Post Thread

    Wondering how many of you foreignors talk with a funny accent
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    Have You Ever Been in a Fight?

    Got into an argument with a kid who cut in line yesterday but didn’t hit him because he was about 15 He cursed at the cashier and then threw his I bought soda at the security guard. I hate Walmart
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    The Politically Incorrect Thread.

    Oh man First time in this thread
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    What do the Yellow and Blue Colours in Usernames Signify?

    Fashionista needs an avatar. I want a silver name now please, but not wanting to be a mod type. people are too rowdy and Ill start to drink more.
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    Post 3 Words

    Toothpaste doesn’t work
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