Any Players Here?

I've got a cheap Epiphone Les Paul and a Martin acoustic that I haven't picked up in years I need to start playing again.


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Epiphones aren't bad guitars, especially the Les Pauls
I don’t know about that. I’ll say they aren’t good guitars but maybe I got a lemon. It has a bad fret and the pickup switch is wonky. Also, the bridge material seems kind of weak and subject to failure. Of course, the wood is subpar (like glue-wood) but that doesn’t matter so much if everything else works. I just kind of put it aside.

It’s my fault for buying it. I should have gone up the street to my local music store and bought a Ibanez Iceman. I know, it’s a goofy guitar but it would have served my purpose in wanting a cheapish hardtail guitar that would sound and feel as good as anything else with ‘trusted’ quality.
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