Ass Umptions

chew the fat

[unofficial] Internet Doctor.
Just how this thread went down...or up...

I think [imho] it's good to be who wants to be good...thats just bad.

The bad'er you are then you become a bad'ass...[who doesn't love a bad'ass]

Thats better than good because who isn't shit scared of a bad bad'ass.

Being good is bad because all the other bad good'ers just shit all over you.

Nope don't just take the shit the bad good'ers dish out just tell them very politely to fuck right off.

To extrapolate this theory further everyone loves you... they love you like a sister...

[a good sister not a bad sister] [if you happen to be a male then it's love you like brother]

Thats good.[but stay bad]

If this is a bit confusing then just scream out at the top of you're lungs 'fuck everyone' and release all the tension.

Don’t talk, just act.

Don’t say, just show.

Don’t promise, just prove.
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