Jihadi Roulette @ Bastard Factory 2019

Bastard Factory

Chairmen of the Bored

One Game.

Seven Martyrs.

One Vest.

Tragic doom looms over the horizon at the reinforced concrete gate leading into Bastard Factory. Vigilant mods guard checkpoints not knowing death will soon arrive while known jihadist أهل لبيت Karim "Guest" al-Rashidi is finally ready to surf the great wind and greet Allah by the crescent moon.

Target 200 yards away.

You have four options...

Push - praise Allah and push the detonator button.

Pass - pass the vest to the NEXT player... Lose -(1) Pass.

Double Push - push twice, risky, but earns you +(1) Pass.

Allahu Akbar!! - make ANY player put on the vest. (see below)

Game Objective

Be the last jihadist to achieve martyrdom.

Game Rules


- If you taunt a player they MUST pull.
- You can taunt another player into pushing at any time, it doesn't need to be your turn.
- You may only use taunt if you have already pushed/double pushed.
- If the vest is reloaded, you must pull again before you can taunt again.
- Taunting costs (1) Pass
- You can't taunt with only (1) 'pull' left.

Betting Back In

- If you are eliminated from the game, you will be added into "Paradise".
- Anyone in Paradise can use their remaining passes to bet on who will die next.
- Betting costs (1) Pass.
- If your bet is right, you will be added back into the game.
- When someone dies, all bets are nulled.
- You can only bet on 1 player at a time.
- Two players in Paradise cannot bet on the same player at the same time.
- You can not bet if there's only (1) 'pull' left.

Allahu Akbar!!
تحس ينزكور

- Yelling 'Allahu Akbar' allows a player to force the vest on another player and attempt to detonate it.
- You may only use yell Allahu Akbar if you have already pushed/double pushed.
- If the vest is reloaded, you must push again before another attempt.
- Yelling 'Allahu Akbar' costs (2) Passes.
- If a player is taunted, they can not yell Allahu Akbar back.

Micellaneous Shit...

- Lose your Passes. You're Dead.
- You have 24 hours to respond or you'll be auto-killed.
- I'll be using the
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to decide your fate.
- If you get a BOOM!, you'll be moved into Paradise.
- Your warm feedback is always welcomed.


Bastard Factory

Chairmen of the Bored
Next Game?

If you'd like to play in the next round just say so in this thread and your name will be added to this next game list.
(Game begins once the slots are filled.)

List of 2019 Martyrs

--------------------- (Last updated 3/4/19 @ 4:35 p.m. MST) ----------------------

Game I
1. PocketfuL of Sunshine


Iggy McLulz

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I’ll play just message me once we know a date and time that it’s going to happen so I can plan around it.
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