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This is all Mental War, Just like the US plays on everyone else. Like the US it is A OK to use a Stuxnet Virus via the Internet but GOD Forbid if you do it on the USA it is an ACT OF WAR!!!

It is A OK for the US to Hack the Firewalls of CHINA so that they can Spread Pro-American Propaganda, But GOD Forbid that China uses the Net to attack Google or some other Firm. That would be AN ACT OF WAR!!

The Problem with the A$$Holes in Washington is they have One set of Standards, THEIRS. And Now the Video on YouTube from the DOD that they are Vaccinating Religion out of People is clear that they want a totally Docile Sheep ready for slaughter.

As the TSA is at the Schools now, The Back Scatter Mobile Units are driving your Neighborhood it is clear we have turned into a Nazi Country and we will all need Papers to Travel and Papers to whip our Butt's only Their Brand. I am just waiting for the Change of Uniforms to reflect the NAZI Dress Code of the Germans in the 1938 era and the ARM bands that say TSA on them and them placed on every corner of America.

You worry about Iran? Even if, I mean IF it had ONE BOMB the Russians have already said that if the US/ISRAEL were to Attack Iran it WOULD be WW3. For Russia has a great interest in Iran as does China. What is also making the USA MAD is that Russia and China are not trading in the US Dollar. Our Dollar is SO WEAK. It is about to Fail.

Here they are grabbing Your Pensions to keep the Government going, When they Default on that and Loose your Retirement Money you too will be Screwed.


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If you think it's so bad here why don't you leave and try some place like the Congo- - - - - - -
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