Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Make Videos Of Themselves Attacking, Torturing, And Murdering Homeless People And Drug Addicts With Knives


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A Ukrainian Neo-Nazi group going by the name of “Sanitater-88”, as in “sanitize” as “88” from neo-nazi slang for “HH” or “Heil Hitler,” has been going around attacking, torturing, and murdering homeless people:
Two video recordings appeared on the image board forum “Dvach”. Allegedly, these videos were filmed by neo-Nazis. In the footage, young men are monstrously cracking down on homeless people.

The first entry begins with a presentation: young people call themselves “nurses”. Then creepy shots follow, accompanied by disparaging comments to people.

Holding a camera in their hands, “orderlies” approach the homeless and brutally kill them, calling them “animals.” Their victims do not even have time to stand up and offer resistance.

The second video states that four days have passed since the filming of the first one. The killers on the frame back to the body of the last victim. After that, the “orderlies” attack the addict, but he managed to escape.

“We caught up with him and gave up on an educational conversation with caring citizens ,” say neo-Nazis.

At the end of the video, the authors indicated their coordinates in social networks, but most of the groups and the Telegram channel are already blocked.

Note that it is not known for certain where and when these frames were taken. It is possible that the rollers are staging.

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I'd like to bait these fuckers and then beat them to ground beef .


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Fucking brave ain’t they, an old man and people sleeping, I’d like to see them up against a real foe, anyway stupid cunts filmed themselves, so let’s hope they get caught soon, imagine picking on an old person, nothing but filthy scum.


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Sounds like these folks need to come to thailand and fight in the ring in thai kick boxing. We will see how tough you are now. Picking on the weak and people who are sleeping.
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