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Bastard Factory Forums is held to a higher standard of posting than most other message boards. We pride ourselves on running one of the most entertaining sub forums on the internet. Please have a touch of civility while visiting us.

No Posting Personal Information, even if they're publicly available.
No Animal Cruelty.

Please do not try to cleverly circumvent the few RULES listed above with your fuckery. These RULES are general guidelines and are non negotiable, so read them daily if you have not memorized them already. If you do break a RULE, you will likely be punished! Infractions will result in a temporary time out period in our Ass Box / Exile forum or possible removal.

If these RULES make you angry or unhappy, then it's likely the focus of your own inner demons and this is NOT the message board for you.
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    Jun 6, 2018
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