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Just a side note; I drink mouth wash all day long and my farts smell good and make people want to kiss my ass- - - - - - -
As an Internet specialist doctor my expert medical advice would be to use caution drinking mouth wash as you might get more than your ass kissed.


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I dilute clove oil in water then rinse my mouth with that after I brush in the morning and then again before bed.

I do not have any personal experience with this but I am fairly certain you don't want clove oil anywhere near your anus. I had accidentally got Oil of Abramelin in my left-eye once and I was 70% confident that I was going to lose partial if not all vision in it. Fortunately there was no permanent damage, it was only very painful for approximately twenty minutes.


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The original explanation for the question is that is what I've been eating once a day for the past 40 days. (850 calories a day) My caloric intake in that time frame is approximately 34,000 calories putting me at a 46,000 calories deficit compared to the 80,000 calories one would consume if going by the USDA Dietary Guidelines of having a recommended 2000 calorie a day diet.

However, I like your version better Dr.

Well done.
Are you following one of those extremely low calorie diets they charge over 3K for?

Serious question :Confused3:

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Oil of Abramelin

A ceremonial magical oil blended from aromatic plant materials. The recipe is adapted from the Jewish Holy Oil of the Tanakh, which is described in the Book of Exodus attributed to Moses. There are several very similar recipes of the oil, but the original was made up of Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cassia, Calamus, and Olive oil. Many traditions of magic also assign symbolic meanings to these ingredients. In the Jewish tradition the Olive is a symbol of domestic felicity and stability, Myrrh is believe to be sacred to the Lord, Calamus is known for its sweetness and stands for male sexuality and love, while while Cinnamon is favored for its warming ability. In hoodoo folk magic, these symbolisms are slightly changed: Myrrh and Olive remain the same, but Cinnamon is for money and luck, and Calamus is used to sweetly control others.

That must of stung like hell !
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