Good Mornin ya Bastards!!


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Thats like saying "hey I got you something! But you have to wait til Christmas, and even then I might take it back for a pack of cigarettes" lol.

Sorry ya bastards

Ain’t ya business..........I’ll keep my joy to myself in the future since it seems to be upsetting the population at large :Whiner2:
No need to apologize, didnt upset me lol. Share or dont share, thats up to you. Glad you found some joy, perhaps squirrel some away for a rainy day. Or blow your joy load all at once if you feel the fancy. Just make sure you have plenty of paper towels handy.


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What’s on your agenda today?
It had been planned we would feast upon the libations given to X'tol, but no, someone forgot the cups. Consequently, perusing the vast treasure trove of insightful wit that slithers within the walls of the forum. *why BF is taking attendance, a cause to take note. Perhaps the Komrade will begin another purge. Who knows?* Best not to ask. Ingsoc, citizen.
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