NFL Bet Lines Discussion


It's always 5:55, bitch
I doubt any of you girls will stop trying to make your eyes like Vile_Pile does hers for Halloween.

This NFL thread focuses on point O/U lines, points, and straight bets +/-

I feel like putting one down tonight. I'm contemplating putting $500 on the Under (43 points) because San Fran has such a dominating defense and also have a somewhat respectable offense/QB. San Fran will be doing most of the scoring and the Cardinals won't be doing much of it at all. So I'm really tempted to bet the U because Thursday games usually suck - slow games to watch.

I'm going to try to make this game interesting with money because I couldn't possibly care about either team less. Any of you ladies have any solid advice for this game, and the rest, any time you're thinking about making a fine bet that keeps you glued, ask us what we think about games you're really leaning one way on. Just mention the match-up so this site's tards don't try to troll you on purpose. I never will when it comes time to make that big decision like I'm about to do...

- bettor