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Imma post this for Scott and Swamp Duck but it's too many characters to comment on the "profile post" I was just lookin at, so this is the best Ive got until I figure things out.

I'd never knock JPJ even though I don't really like that groove and ain't a big zep fan, but his TONE here is crazy dirty evil and it took me a long time to figure out how he did it...single coil P bass, new rotosound 66 strings, all thru an overdriven Leslie speaker and miked hot on the upper horn, fukk me it sounds like he's using a roof shingle for a pick. Verrrry creative and flexible musician. My idea of a better UK bass player would be a Bob Daisley or a John Illsley or the late Dee Murray, all of them genius level bassmen. Check out Illsley laying a groove down here.