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Ah, the Basques.

Many a splendid moment spent on the way out of the Western Pyrénées. Bayonne, Biarritz, the sun-drenched playas at Erromardie and Saint-Jean-de-Luz and San Sebastian. Of course, the ETA attack in Markina on the day we were passing through, heading for Bilbao, sort of soured the string of moments.

Can't seem to catch a break with this shit. I was in Mumbai, India, on the day Pakistani terrorists sacked the Taj hotel.

A lot of malcontents in this world (sez he who hails from Quebec, where the Quebec Liberation Front once dropped IED's in English-speaking neighbourhood mailboxes).

I was in London on 7/7. Not only that, but I was on the way to one of the stations that were attacked (I forget which one) at the very time the first bombing went down. It was a surreal day. I spent the day walking around London. It was a very weird day with all the public transport shut down and millions of people out walking. When I went back to my room, Rudy Fucking Giuliani was a talking head on every TV channel I looked at.
Have you followed the looting riots in South Africa?
I have, fucking crazy shit, man. I think it's calmed down now though, not sure if there's still a threat of food shortages due to the harbours getting trashed and looted.

What is it with nggers and looting??? They were breaking into fucking shipping containers when there were no more shops to steal from!