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missing siamese eyes.
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in my radio ..
IT IS REAL GRIMM :( i don't know what to do i feel desperate and all day and night on pc pfffff i hate my life and myself .. i have explained islamic caliphate that abt 800 muslims in syria died over my biochip lol they are not going to be content since they will find me out and where i live lol .. hard against hard and soon my photo and address .. and few other revelations to force back and cunt the dutch off with their demands and milgram experiment .. untill i get what i want ..

as long as i wont get a "cuban necktie" cos that hurts .. ;)
cut the chip out with a razor and scan it at a grocery store
it is v2k (verichip model) up my sinusses, plugged into my frontal lobes where it all happens.. but cia knows tho... :)
super size it
increase the range and look unique and fasjunable ...