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Bastard Factory

Chairmen of the Bored

Jews Out!

It's a simple game. You roll dice and move your token to Jewish homes, where you collect Jews. You must then escort your Jews to a 'collection point' so they can be banished from the city.

"If you are the first to
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," reads the game's original rules,
'you are the undoubted winner.'



There are only so many tomorrow’s
Elite Bastards
Street furniture in Glasgow city centre...
They all seem to look the same, he looks just like the little skank I bump into sometimes, outside the supermarket asked me for a fag, then two quid, I said I don’t carry cash and won’t have fags till I come out, so the cunt followed me round the supermarket kept saying are we getting the fags when we finished shopping ! I had to tell him to fuck off lol.
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