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I was having a think early this morning about the national immigration crisis. I was a little twisted, but stay with me.

Abolish the Department of Homeland Security in its entirety. Repeal the Patriot Act, or whatever the title of that really bad way off Broadway production was.

Transfer all immigration services to the Department of the Interior. Allocate as much national park and federally owned land to donate 40 acres and a mule to any and all immigrant families who arrive at our borders.

Task HUD with developing settlements and utilities on this land to facilitate economic growth and enrichment, and promote assimilation of recent migrants.

Task the Department of Education to plan and implement alternative learning centers for migrants who have deficient language learning skills or school progress.

Are you worried about "the cost?" You weren't so worried when you lost $1.5 TRILLION (and counting) in taxes at 02:00 on 12/17/2017.

In short, go read what's carved on the base of Lady Liberty and do what's right.


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^^^^^ Another DUMB FUCK that doesn't know the difference between an immigrant and an ILLEGAL ALIEN.. I don't owe these people shit fuck.. feeding off of our system and not giving back... The poor, diseased and uneducated are flooding our country.. and you say to give them free land/education and welfare?? WTF?? Guess you want our country to look like the shithole they are fleeing from.. You disgust me... I'd rather spend 50 cents on a bullet and solve the problem... cheap and final.. P.S. :Welcome8:
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