Adopt -A- n00b

Brooklyn Heights, NYC
I am here to adopt 6-7 of you tech nerds. Expensive gifts will surely come your way, but we need real estate scouts for online searches and warm leads provided. ....You'll enjoy working for me..... going to need pictures to qualify you for the position. You see, being on the arm of a rich guy will land you on the best seats on a restaurant or a bar. A poor dude won't have access on those. You may just be stuck on the smoker's area or on the table nearest the restroom. I am wealthy and can afford extravagant gifts. Your chance for a dream vacation would be possible.

How long have you been thinking about Grand Cayman? Paris? Here's you chance! If you have a smokin' hot body, I'll adopt you and this will all be more than just a fantasy.


Cocky Bastard
Elite Bastards
Halfway up Ben Nevis
@rT5000 as long as they don’t berate me via PMs about racist beliefs bullshit and don’t bitch at me for liking their enemies posts there won’t be an issue and I won’t feel the need to act like a cunt.
Let it all out, you and I know you love me... Don’t mind me... Ma bad...

Mr. Whipple

brilliantly insane
Upstate NY by the Adirondack mountains
although I can't be bought , I can be hired. Kingsley must have ESP cuz my body IS smoking hot and I have just the right amount of back hair to be a very manly man. I could not be responsible for Richie Richs' behavior as I have a short fuse and have a plethora of knowledge on the fine art of " silencing" and making brash loud mouth ne'er -do-wellers become mute and hard to find. But I do thank you for the faith you seem to have in me. I've done some research and have found Kingsleys' school lunch card discount pass.
this is only a facsimile of my man back :Awesome2:
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