7 Characteristics of the Modern Psychopath


...was here.
But if you don't care, why should I care that you don't care? Hmmmmmmmmmm? :Wink:


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Psychology today can eat my taint with their "Toxic masculinity" feminazi drivel. Did you bigots know that boys can have period too ?
Nnnnno. They can't. 'Boy' is a word that means 'juvenile male'. Males don't menstruate. So no, boys can't have periods. Maybe you've got some post-modernist bullshit redefinition of 'boy' that actually applies to girls? Don't wanna hear it. Words have meanings. Reality is objective. Male is not female. Female is not male. So save that shit for some dumb sucker gullible enough to fall for it.
omg, really? were u unable 2 detect his obvious sarcasm or did u truly find it necessary 2 explain how dudes do not get periods?
plz explain this - in english tho, not creative kilreze
I'll need you to list the date and amount of the last paycheck you wrote me.

In the event there was none, lick my scrote and bugger off into the bush, I don't answer to you and I don't do what you want.
Let me give you just a hint at what it is that I do. You won't pick up on it; that's okay. I'm not promising you clarity, only a chance at it.

omg :facepalm:
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